Tuesday, 24 January 2012

My New Chair hurrah!!

This is the newest chair to join us and one that I can finally sit in and feel comfortable since the ops... it is dark brown leather and stands at the end of the three piece couch that I have moved around to fit... it is high, firm and so soft leather it takes me in and lets me out quite easily... the other chairs are lower and harder to exit from... I am so happy with it, delivered this morning before I left the house for my meeting, and straight away fitted right in** Another Charity Shop find.. I am so luckly with my finds, but then I do have to go each day to see what is new in stock.. they know me well now after 15 years going.. and they have helped me furnish this house in so many different ways..*

1 comment:

  1. OH, it's beautiful. And fits right in so well. Good job, Janzi. Good job!

    Hope the day has been good to you.

    That looks like sun through the window. And the news today said it was rainy and grey in England so the Prince and Princess need to jet away to an island....looks like you have a lovely island of comfort right there!!