Monday, 23 January 2012


I have this annoying cough that tickles my throat making me cough out loud, but it doesn't seem to want to go away for long.. I have hours not having it, then it starts up again.. All well and good, just have to ignore it whilst I have been reading all the amazing blogs that cover design, interiors, books, thoughts, poetry and artwork.. what an amazing group of women there are out there in the ether..
 Tomorrow I have a meeting to go to . Its the 1st one of like sufferers like me of C E S which is Cauda Equina Syndrome.. You might have heard of it, but many people havent.. its the most annoying and upsetting part left to me from the spinal ops I had last May.. However I will get to meet others and find out how they cope and maybe I might learn a little more about how to manage it better..

 Its been a great day here with the sun shining and the wind less blowy.. I also got a beautiful  real soft leather armchair from the Charity shop that will be delivered tomorrow.. It is in dark chocolate brown and will match in colour the armchair my husband has. I found it the most comfortable seat to sit in and just had to have it although it will cost me £40 its a fraction of what it would have cost new, and they are going to deliver it for me! I cannot wait to see it in my front room. I have moved the furniture around again and hopefully it will all go together well.. Since the ops I haven't been able to sit well in any chair except my office chair, so this will mean I can spend more time together with John downstairs instead of up here typing to the world ha ha.. I think that I have paid at least a tenth of what it would have cost new, so I am very very happy...I have also sold a few things on Ebay which has pleased me too.. all in all not a bad time..

 This month of January is always a hard one here in our house , because it is the time when all the accountants have to get their client accounts in to the Inland Revenue tax office before the deadline of 31st of January, so John works flat out and long hours and barely has time to speak, but then in Feb we can relax and maybe go out and about a bit visiting friends just to have a break.. the last three months of the year and January are always so stressful because of getting all the clients paperwork sorted and sent off..
 Also Feb is when you start to see Spring really arriving and its so uplifting to see the shoots breaking through reminding you of life cycles continuing  hurrah for the newness and the continuence of living...

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  1. Good luck with the meeting. Hope you meet some nice people and learn about more about how to cope with your predicament.

    Congrats on the chair. Sounds lovely! Of course you'll post a picture, right?

    Another rainy and grey day here, although little green shoots are making their way up through the mud. Nice to know that the cycle is still on tract and Spring will be here....sometime...soon I hope too.