Sunday, 15 January 2012

sunday.again, the start of another week..

Another much harder frost than yesterday is making it so cold and breathless outside.. My man is out jogging again, he has done so for over 30 years and kept him lean until just recently.. now he goes a lot slower and it shows, but he is still good to look at!!Yesterday I almost completed cleaning and re arranging my office, it has so many things in it, it still looks busy, but I know it is clean and dust free so that will have to do.. Put up new lacy curtains too to let the light in and make it feel more springlike.. a new beginning tomorrow.. For the last 6 years I have had a lot of things happen healthwise.. I have had my right hip replaced, then the right knee, then the left knee, then last year my spinal ops that didnt go too well, and so this year I am determined no more ops.. ! And accordingly my little business has suffered.. I always managed to keep it ticking over, but it didnt make the money it should.. when done properly, recruiting is a good solid and well paid job, but with all the breaks for the ops and the recuperation it has slipped into just ticking over and I made money in between by selling stuff on Ebay... now I must refocus and get my final year running this business sorted by at least a couple more assignments and finish off with a flourish!! I have run this businss since 1987 so its a long time, and luckily having my husband subsidise me all these last years has helped, but I would like to end on an up note with a successful recruitment campaign.. I work on Search - so its not just like waiting for the candidates walking in.. I have to seek them out for my clients, so this is first priority tomorrow to get back into contact with a whole load of my clients and see what their plans are for this year.. Of course the recession didnt help at all.. cut backs and everything, but lawyers are always sought after.. so thats the plan for the week.. other than that I would like to lost at least 70 lbs but that has been ongoing since the last 15 years!! maybe this year I will do it... since my ops last year have lost 20 s maybe I can! Going to get dressed now... when John goes out for his jog I get onto the puter, how sad is that not even getting dressed for the day first!! so will go and dress and start the day properly... bye bye world for the minute**

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