Friday, 10 February 2012

White backgrounds and no couches or chairs

When we bought our first house, I had a dream to decorate each room just white, with painted floorboards and no carpets, just rugs, with big cushions to sit upon. Of course I was only 23 or 24 and had no idea what older bones or more arthritic bones might have to say if they visited and found no chairs!!. I was  carried away with this idea of white, with each room having a changed ambiance by the infusion of one colour to accent it.  Now I see and fall in love with all these white rooms I see in decorating places, blogs and magazines.. they lift my heart, as they look exactly as I dreamed about all those years ago.. I did have a try several times using just one colour. In one house it  was a coffee cream and most of the  house was painted in coffee cream colour with white painted doors and sills and skirting boards. My upstairs bedroom  however I painted pale blue and the floor was painted white with blue clouds fluffily drifting by on them.. I loved it, it felt magical and romantic..AT that time I had three children all under 6, and loads of energy..!!  we sold the house and made other moves.. I loved changing houses, and moved my family around a bit.. my poor husband just agreed and I had the time of my life finding new places to live, to decorate and then move on from.. of course it was easier then the markets were very buoyant and it was easy to do.

 One day I will have my all white space, with one colour to accent each room... It will probably be a flat and, if I was really lucky it would be in Paris not far from Notre Dame and at last I would be in Heaven on earth.. however, that's just a dream, but white backgrounds are still achievable to  make part of that dream come true... Today in one of the blogs I also saw the bed linen to die for... it was white again, but the bed cover was made of layers of large ruffles which looked superbly special and just right for the boudoir! The cleverness of all these people on the blog just blows me away, and they are so inspiring too and makes one want to get out and do something to change or make a change in the spaces I inhabit.  For instance, I could make the most wonderful cushion covers with the lovely materials I have bought and put aside. One whole year ago, I bought a new electric sewing machine.. It sits outside my office unpacked and unused.. I have not ever used a sewing machine since I was 15 and it was the wheel winding one too from school!! I know that could I just overcome my fear of breaking it, I would be off and running... up to now everything I make has been by hand which is a long process and puts one off trying other things than those that need to be done for a reason... but I know I could fly with that machine, so I am having a friend come over who is an expert at dressmaking and having a whole day's tuition just to wipe my rustiness away and set me off...

I am like this with all gadgets, they have to sit in my kitchen for a long while whilst I get used to seeing them, then one day I will say OK, lets do it, attempt to make them work, then wonder aloud why it took me so long as they are such a boon to a person to use!! Silly me eh?

When we moved into this house almost 15 years ago, I wanted the front room painted pale grey and the paintwork picked out in white and the accessories to be the palest tangerine colour... well guess what, this colour is now - of the moment- and I do believe the other colour is very fashionable too..  I suppose it is a bit obvious that if you live long enough fashions start to come around again, although I never expected it in my lifetime, it does seem to be happening now.. I am thrilled that my ideas from the 60's are just so very now!!

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  1. I do the exact same thing with gadgets...I have a printer here that has been in the box for more than a year !!
    Hope you figure out the sewing machine with your friend. Great to have someone to help you like that.
    And as far as I'm concerned pale grey and pale tangerine are eternally fashionable!